Coronavirus / Covid-19

The Park Connection Motorcoach fleet.

Park Connection Coronavirus / Covid-19 Updates

The Park Connection Motorcoach, Alaska Railroad, and Wilderness Express Rail expect to start their full schedules on July 1, 2020. The Park Connection may operate on a limited schedule from June 22 to June 30 if safety and operational conditions allow. Check availability here.

Alaska Tour & Travel strongly encourages guests wait to travel to Alaska until July 1, 2020 or later.

Guest with plans to travel in May or June are encouraged to reschedule their trip for July, August, or September. Contact us for assistance.

For guests that still plan to travel before July 1, be aware that many tourism attractions and facilities may be closed. Give us a call at 1-800-208-0200 for the most up to date information.

We have instituted a more flexible 72-hour cancellation policy for all train and bus reservations, and a 30-day cancellation policy for our package tours. 

Booked guests that choose not to travel this summer will also have the option of “rolling over” their deposit to the 2021 summer travel season. If you do so, we will honor our 2020 rates or we will extend a 5% discount on your booked trip, whichever saves you more. This discount applies not only to bus and rail trips, but all services we offer including complete vacation packages.

Visit this page to learn about enhanced cleaning and sanitizing procedures in place for the Park Connection Motorcoach. Rail suppliers will be taking similar steps.   

Note, for operational or safety considerations we may be supplementing our motorcoach fleet with smaller vehicles such as 10-passenger Sprinter Vans throughout the 2020 season.

Stayed tuned for addition updates and please contact us at anytime if we can be of assistance. You may also want to visit our Coronavirus Update and Plan with Confidence pages on

Updated: 04/27/2020